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Olga Nedyalkova

Saviani Casa

You know how fragile it feels, when you only have a dream and nothing tangible to work on? Do you know what is the most important at this stage? Rather crucial than important. To have someone on your side that tells you: “Before we begin I need two things. First, why did you choose this exact dream? And second, how do you see yourself working on this dream in the nearest future?” And then give you some structure, guidance and a lot of kicks in the ass to really make things happen. This is exactly what Walks-and-Talks experience was and still is for me. Questions, that make you revalue what is important and what is not, guidance at moments, when I feel completely lost, structure to keep it tight and simple and recurring meetings to monitor success. I am for a long run in achieving my dream and today, looking back at our first meeting I feel proud of how much we have achieved. From an idea to product creation, to company creation to first and very sweet sales. Ladies, you made me believe that even moving slower without rush you can achieve a lot. Thank you!!!!

Dr. Galia Mancheva
Founder of the online platform Kid Health Academy
Before joining the Walks and Talks program, I felt insecure and not motivated enough to realize my project. Working with Walks and Talks gave my inner confidence and motivated me to take a step towards realizing my dreams. Walks and Talks  really turn dreams into a project, their team inspires, focuses and provides ongoing support at every stage of the idea. With Walks and Talks, there are no impossible things. If you are hesitant to join their program, call me to shares more impressions.
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