Making changes

Change management.

The only constant think in life is change. Change is all around us: changing seasons, weather, attitudes and interests.

Case Study

The natural conflict between desire for stability and the risks of changes and how to combine and use them. To survive we as humans need to adapt and to adopt means to change. We have the inner qualities to do this, if only we mange to fight the fear of uncertainty. If we don’t mange we start to sabotage ourselves and instate of using our resource, intuition and knowledge to make the change lean and fast we fight and without realizing we prove that we can not changes.

How.To make change successful we need the right mindset, the correct understanding of how this will bring more security for tomorrow. Few tools are crucial: critical assessment of the situation As It Is (S1) and situation To Be (S2),  cost-benefit analysis of s1 and s2, available recourses, risk assessment, action plan, worst and best case scenarios.

Let us TALK on the topic and build together trust that we can manage change trough accepting it as the only way for sustainability and security.