Tsanka Taneva

I am Tsanka Taneva – an advisor, keynote speaker, storyteller and photographer. I grew up traveling with my family and discovering new things wherever we were moving.

Studying International Relationships was a natural choice and it has given me a solid foundation for the career path I have chosen to follow. It brought me into the emerging banking sector and I consider myself lucky to have first hand experience on Micro and Retail Lending, Branch management, Collection and Risk management.

Learning is a lifelong goal for me and in 2011 I graduated EMBA at AUBG.

In the last few years I have been Head of Collection and Head of Retail Risk Division at one of the biggest banks in Bulgaria. Working with clients, local and multinational teams on various projects have shaped the way I see the world around me. I have learned to value diversity and different perspectives, to see opportunities even in the hardest times and to share ideas and knowledge building long lasting and sustainable relationships.

My latest project is with a start-up company promoting digitalisation as a way of getting more free time and resources for what matters most for us.

I love spending time in nature as well as with my family and friends. I truly enjoy connecting with people, listening to what they need to say and I have a gift to structure those words and transform them into vital projects.