Stefka Elincheva

My name is Stefka Elincheva and I am an analyst, futurist and a mother. I have spent the last nine years of my life researching happiness and things that matter most.

With more than 15 years in the banking sector, my financial background has taught me to trust numbers.

I believe in the ability not only to see patterns through complex data but also to translate it in few simple words.

I am inspired by nature, the never ending cycle of life and transformation, kids imagination and creativity. I am happy when surrounded by people that follow with passion their paths in life.

Since our family lives abroad – change is a constant part of our life. I get involved with local communities in projects that leave a mark. 

I have learned to appreciate and see success in many shapes and forms, to cherish in people what they often take for granted.

My work experience is quite diverse – from a consulting company working on EU projects, through the banking sector where I started as a loan officer, promoted to a Branch manager and later on working in a Supervisor role at Collections department of one of the leading banks on European market.

Since 2018 I have embarked on a new entrepreneurial path as a consultant.  

Working closely with business owners in making key decision on their journeys brings me great joy. Together with our team we support transformation, growth and innovation.

In addition to my Business Degree I am holding a Master Degree in Innovation at Early Childhood Education. 

As of 2023 I am serving as a member of the Board of Trustees, as well as Chair of the Advancement Committee at the American School of Warsaw where both of our children are studying.

I believe that by sharing knowledge and experience we could help others achieve any personal or professional dream.