Life-work balance

Travelling the wolrd

Life Work Balance. Do not burn in the fire of your own ambitions.

The most important balance we need to keep in life. To combine life and work in a harmonic and natural ways that empowers us and gives sense to our efforts and achievements.

Case Study

The need to be perfect or how it leads to the status: Die in perfection.

Passion. Love. Ambitions. Fears. all of them responsible for our constant running and working. “ I want to lead this project” it was the third time when one of the best performer in my team was approaching me. I was resistant again. All the sign of exostion were there: working hard the last 5 months on a new position as Supervisor, gathering a great team, creating new products and the presure from the Business Departments, important family invents. I knew that she did great job and now she need to rest and after that to take the next project. But it was my job as a manger to protect her from burnig out in her owned ambitions.

The question is how to Lead a great Time and even over perform by introducing the easy and positive atmosphere. We did it. Results were happy team, happy management and above 130% of performance.

How.Follow the natural principle when you have great harvest leave the earth to relax for a season and then expect greatness again. Be a leader and learn your people how to be sustainable in performance by balancing the stress and encouraging them to walk not to run.

Let us TALK on the topic and build together trust that balance is more efficient then burning.