Small things aren’t as small as you think

I remember that time, even though it was so long ago. I was a kid with big dreams in the big world. For me everything else seamed small and unworldly of my attention. I was aiming big. Too big. I was ready to abandon the world if it meant that my dream would come through. Everything that was distracting me from it was useless and everyone who was in my way was un enemy. I though that small thing don’t matter.
One day it was raining. I was tired, weak and lost. I had been studying for so long the day before and the day before that, and the day before… I stayed up till late. I was used to going to bed late and waking up early but it was to much even for me. My eyes were closing, my legs were shaking, I was cold even though it was spring. All I wanted was to go home but… where was my home? I tripped and fell on the cold, wet flour.

My legs did refused to carry me and my 8 kilograms bag. My fingers were so cold that I couldn’t fell them any more. At that time I laid and I realized that my body isn’t my mind. It isn’t my unlimited, free soul. It didn’t match the wandering of my spirit. It had a limit unlike my wide fantasy and I just reached it. I didn’t eat much at that time of my life and i didn’t do any sport activity, the fact that I was born in the 8 month of my mother’s pregnancy, didn’t help much as well. My tiny, cold body was just laying on the street. It refused my commands. There weren’t any people in the area because of the rain and the time, so… there wasn’t anybody to ask for help. I thought that I’ll just lay a bit to recover my strength and then I would get back on track but I was so tired that I unintentionally fell asleep.
I don’t know how long I slept but when I woke up I was laying on a peace of cartoon. It looked as though the sun is setting. I had to get home quickly before I worried my parents even more. My bag was right next to me. I creaked it quickly to see if anything but it was fine. Everything was in place. I reached for my phone to call my mom that I’m lost but it had no battery. I was shocked. I barely used it today

“Stupid thing” I shouted “Useless peace of trash! How am I so stupid why didn’t I call my mam in the first please when I got lost?”
“Because you were so tired that you couldn’t even think streat” I heard someone next to me
I saw a girl who was about my age – 17 – 18 years old but her clouts were so messy and old. Her hair was dirty and it was all over the please yet her eyes had that spark of life.
“Who are you?” I asked a bit frighten
“I am the person who got you off the street and also the person who wasted all of your phone battery. Sorry about that. I haven’t played any phone games since John lost his phone.” she laugh
“Thanks about the saving” I said even though she didn’t really saved me
Well, at least that’s better than getting all my stuff stolen.
“No problem. You aren’t a stray right?” she asked
“What!? No!” I answered quickly
For a second I didn’t even know why she was asking me such a silly question but then I realized that she was a stray.
“Sorry.” I apologized quickly
“For what?” she asked
“For the way I answered. It was inconsiderable and rude.”
“It wasn’t. You were just surprised, that’s all. You don’t get asked about that every day” she explained “Now come on.”
I looked at her eyes as she was looking at mine.
“Let’s get you home. I know where you live I checked it in your ID cart.” she gave me her hand and helped me get up.
Soon we were in front of my house’s door. While I was climbing up the stairs I looked back at that girl.
“Thank you, sorry for the trouble” I said
“It was just a little thing to do, noting so troubling.” she answered as she was turning back
“Wait!” I shouted
She stopped surprised. I opened my bag and took all of my money out of the wallet. I’ve been saving for weeks, but that didn’t matter at that time.
“Take it.” I said and gave her the money
“What?! No! I can’t take so much…”
“Yes, you can! Have you seen yourself! You’re way to skinny, it’s not healthy for you. You need that money more than I do. Please take it. As a “thank you” gift.” I explained and she took it
“Thanks” she said
“It was just a small thing to do” I answered
At that day I realized that the small things aren’t as small as you think.

Just a little story I wrote.

Violeta Taneva