Customer Protection Policy

Cookies Usage Policy

This page describes the type of information that has been gathered by and how it is used.

The Cookies Usage Policy has been created to inform you about the ways we use cookies to process personal data as well as your rights. Walks and Talks Ltd reserves the right to make changes in this Policy for which you will be informed accordingly.  

Our web site provides without prior registration free content to its readers about personal and professional development. 

The security of the web site is guaranteed by technical and organisational measures against loss, misplacement, removal, hacking and distribution of your data by unauthorised third-party. Data gathered by the users through their browsers is being transferred to the servers using encryption algorithms.   

Personal data that we gather 

Contact form

Through sending us an inquiry or comments via the contact form we gather data – name, e-mail, message that we keep in a secure folder at

Comment on the blog 

Publishing an opinion on our web site will link data such as name, e-mail, IP address and the comment itself that is being kept at a protected Management System Database on a server at Суперхостинг БГ.

Electronic newsletter 

If you have signed up for receiving electronic newsletter by Walks and Talks we keep an email that we sent a periodical information from the blog, events etc. This data is stored at protected mailing platform for email marketing Mailchimp.

Data gathered in this way we do not hand over to any third-party nor we send any unwanted messages.

Use of cookies

When you visit our web site Walks and Talks, we use cookies. Cookies are small text files that store information about the user’s actions and preferences while visiting a website. The cookie files are being stored on the user’s computer or mobile device for a specific period of time depending on their type.

Cookies make a website easier to use. For instance, because of cookies users don’t need to enter their preferences every time they visit it or go from one page to another.

The cookies enable the website to function seamlessly, monitor for issues and identify opportunities to optimize the ways it provides information and interacts with the users.

Types of cookies that we use: 

  • Strictly necessary cookie 
    • The absence of these cookies makes the functioning of the website impossible or puts it at high levels of risk.
    • This category includes cookies that enable users navigate across the website, save the information they have entered when processing online forms, and log in if applicable.
    • Other strictly necessary cookies are the ones that provide control over the connection security and protection against external threats.
  • Functionality cookies 
    • This cookie category improves the usability of the website and enables it to comply with the preferences of the individual users.
    • The functionality cookies category includes cookies for device recognition, as well as language and font size preference setting.
  • Performance, analysis and advertising cookies 
    • The analysis cookies collect statistical information, which can be used for overall conclusions on the website’s performance and recommendations towards its optimization in regard with the users’ objectives and/or the website owner’s marketing and advertising goals. Such statistics include number of page visitors, mostly visited pages, visit sources, time spent on the page, errors while visiting, etc. These cookies collect anonymous information about the way the users navigate through the website and the problems they can experience. 

As a user you can control cookie usage, delete the cookies that have been stored on your device, and disable cookies. You can find detailed instruction on how to do that on the different browsers and operating systems at  .

Please be aware that disabling cookies will affect the website’s performance and might hinder its functionality. The strictly necessary cookies, which are essential for the functioning of the website, can’t be disabled.

Social Media 

On the web site you can find links for liking and sharing the content in other social platforms such as  Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest. In order to do that we use code that these platforms provide. If you use these social platforms they might be able to track that you have visited certain websites.

Accessing social platforms such as Facebook, Google +, YouTube, Tweeter and others requires separate registration as well as accepting their rules and regulations. Walks and Talks cannot be held liable for the protection of your personal data when you accept their general conditions. Please read carefully and examine the general conditions of these websites.

Your rights

If you have provided any personal data through the web site Walks and Talks, you may at any time:

  1. Ask for access of your personal data managed by Walks and Talks;
  2. Ask for correcting or deleting of your personal data;
  3. Cancel your subscription to the electronic newsletter;

If you wish to use your right to access, correct or delete personal data you may contact us via email sent to: .